Here I AM

Growing up in the midwest (Small Town, USA) was both a blessing and a curse for a wild soul like mine.  I was blessed to be raised by both parents on a horse farm, near a beautiful lake town. I attended dance classes from the time I was a toddler and in my teens taught dance and turned down the chance to dance with a professional company. What can I say, I was

blessed but craving so much more out of life. Looking for love in all the wild places.


Never feeling I had roots anywhere other than in the hearts of my parents, I moved for a short time to the Atlanta area shortly out of high school. Maybe the big city had what I was missing. Returning home in my early 20's, I found myself passionately working as a retail buyer and manager, happily pregnant at 24 and caring for my mom, newly diagnosed with leukemia.

The next 20 years would be filled with life's lessons and my greatest losses to date.  I was my mom's caregiver in my 20's; holding her hand as she crossed over when I was 29.  I did the same for my grandmother, my mom's mom, in my early 40s and a few years later for my dad in 2018.

I continue on as a single parent, with a remarkable son and never married. I have been on a journey back to myself for what seems like my entire life but most clearly the past 10 years. I am keenly aware that I was always meant to love. Love myself, all others and someday, a divine partner. I live to inspire and shine my light. I hope to spare others some pain on their journey and share all I have learned.  I am here for the hear and now.  AND the LOVE.

Mostly for the love.

I am the founder of a non-profit, Lot of Love, Inc (empowering unpaid family caregivers). I run my own concierge business in our lake town, ever the caregiver.  I work for a marina part time, enjoying our local waters.  I spend my free time with like-minded souls on the journey to unconditional love and inner peace. I love the ocean and believe in the moon's magic. I speak with my voice but more through dance and music, poetry and writing. You may find that I have a sailor's mouth from time to time or find that I am clutching my pearls too tightly, but I hope you also find something here that lifts you in love.

Brandee Walton


Empowerment Facilitator,

Creator of "INterior Design",

Ritual Leader, Creative/Artist, Dancer, Blogger, EOL Doula,

Lover & Human (for now)