A Moment of Truth



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noun: truth

  1. the quality or state of being true.

In Italian - verità

(just because I’m learning to speak Italian and it sounds sexier)

Good lead in if I do say so myself….….

Is the truth sexy?

"The truth shall set you free"…that’s pretty sexy, right?! It’s sexy af to be able to be exactly who you are. It’s super sexy to accept your full story. I’d be sending the wrong message if I didn’t also say that I completely agree with Gloria Steinem when she said,

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

Being a human is being a person of action. We sort ourselves out. We seek out help. If we are really doing the work, we set our pride aside, put our egos in check and own our shit. We practice and practice and practice and practice. Along the way we admit the things we did and said, putting it mildly. Some of us use meditation and practices like talking in the mirror to ourselves or energy work or other healing practices as a way to forgive ourselves for not knowing better and heal. Next, this seems to guide us to bare witness to the ripples created beyond ourselves based on these words and actions. We begin to see how everything is connected and that our truth is an epic piece of the puzzle to who we truly are seeking to remember. A puzzle piece that fits only in our heart.

Now we dive in and go ohh so deep. Still sexy? Yeah, baby. We start accepting truths on a different level. No more surface bullshit. We are the universe after all.

Have you discovered yet that we carry truths that may not even belong to us but it is now ours to ultimately shoulder? It’s usually disguised as “a product of our environment” or “that’s how my family does things” or “that’s the way it’s always been”, or disguised as tradition. It is even written in our DNA. So now part of our truth is breaking chains for ancestors so that it is removed from our timeline. What??!! Yeah, the truth can piss us off.

It's now up to us to ugly cry without knowing why. It’s now “normal” for us to feel joy one minute and then feel the pain of our entire timeline the next. We come to several dark tunnels between mind and heart and work, work, work, work, work (sing it, Rihanna) to ‘go through to get out’ to the light just to have a small respite before the next tunnel of truth. We continue this journey because we are now aware of the blessings after each lesson learned and chain broken. We continue so that we may finally embody our truth.

Let it be said that there is always a balance offered. The delicate dance with truth is not all shadows and tears. We also begin to learn where our true joy lies. We recognize our purpose. The truth of our essence. Kind of like going from public servant to being of service and serving it! Now thaaaat’s sexy!

So I ask...Is the truth sexy? My answer...

In a dark, smoldering, passionate, make us breakfast in the morning and say yes to another date...

Yes, the truth is the sexy beast we all desire. It is definitely not a one-night stand.

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