As I AM, Whoever I AM

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

the last attempt to be heard (2018 the let go) _____________

Love me fully, completely, honestly, openly

When I sing every song on the radio, bust out a dance move in aisle 7 at the grocery store, make up colorful language for my dog as she argues with me about what’s what or who is in charge and when I can’t refrain from talking or feeling into my passions all night long, Love me.

My desire to have deep conversations along with light hearted AND dirty humor all at once OR sometimes no humor at all-sometimes not light at all-sometimes no depth at all, love me…and enjoy the ride.

Love me when I don’t do the dishes, dust the furniture, or when I accomplish nothing all day but being still. Love me if I work on a million things at once and complain if something isn’t going the way I imagined it should. Love me enough to communicate a different insight I should consider. I’ll be open. If I can’t decide what I want to eat or don’t eat that day at all, Love me. If I just want to eat it all on a Sunday, Love me.

Love me when I get insecure about my looks, my thoughts, my worthiness, my abilities. Love me when I cry so hard about my pain, the pain of others or for no reason I can describe to you or myself. Love me by sitting in silence with no desire to fix anything (nothing is broken).

When I jump for joy at the thought of sharing love, get butterflies when opportunities present themselves, when I get goosebumps because Spirit just rocked my world, blew my mind or I’ve connected the dots or I’m gifted a wonderful moment of clarity..Love me. I get inside my head and have trouble getting out, love me. I find the positive on an annoying level at times, just love me. If I come thru the door with a skip in my step and a hug to share, love me…twirl me.

When I can’t bring myself to do anything but cry at the loss of loved ones, hold the space and love me. I love to and will connect and dance with my ancestors. I understand the role they play in my life now from the other side of the veil ...and the tears will fall as I feel their pure love. Love me. Love me when I’m feeling myself and shining bright or when I’m stepping into my power and expanding.

Should I text or comment or call you too much one day because of my own fears, or because I'm longing to connect with to me and love me.

When I speak my truths, express how you have hurt me (because you will), love me. When I hurt you (because I will), love me. Love me enough to talk, hold us or work thru it..whatever medicine is needed.

When I’m still, when I’m lazy, when I want to dance with you, when I want to dance alone, when I’m sad, angry, giddy, sensual, inspired, destructive, seductive or clearing a path or baking a cake…when I want to hear you, feel you, see you, hold you, tell you everything from the depths of my soul...Love me.

When I fall off my center, doubt your love for me (because I will), doubt myself (but never my love for you), Love me. When I release our embrace too soon because old pains of being hurt by others I have let in have found a way to show up again, love me. When I need to purge it all out by candlelight, Love me. Hold me again. When I want to share every part of me and my loving energy with you, receive me and love me.

Trust that I know and love myself and I own every part of me. Love me knowingly.

AND when we transcend and it all starts over again on an unfamiliar level and the surroundings seem “knew”, I will remember how blessed I am that you have loved me. How blessed I am to love you.

I will love you. Fully, completely, honestly, openly.

Love US, Choose US, love me and mostly love you.

As WE ARE, Whoever WE ARE

the faces of me...

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