Rooms in You

make room for the simple beauty of the day room for the LIMITLESS possibilities make room for the wonder the delight

scooch some things over create SPACE for the bird's song the sun's warmth and the moon's brilliant light

make room for your deep breath room for that beating in your chest to be you, by everyone make room for love's energy to FLOW free

surrender and GIVE way declutter your mind, your heart, your soul make sacred space hold you, hold another

make room to see one another as we are room to understand we're the same but different make room for COMPASSION

clear a spot for the pretty things and the broken box up all that no longer has a purpose CREATE a vacancy to fill with passion

make room for bigger (even bigger) room for EXPANSION and re-modeling, be under construction make room for the blueprint

make room for you room for me make room for unity, oneness, WE

all together

BE still and make room #LoveLouder #graceFULL

🎨 tanya shatseva

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