Unicorns and Stallions

It's Black AND White and EVERY Color (even that baby poo green)

We do not live in a fantasy world where each and every person is full of love and light and glitter and rides a fucking unicorn OR everyone is dark and manipulative, sex driven and selfish and rides a black stallion.

Are those really the only compartments we offer eachother... black or white? Unicorn or Stallion? Empath or Narcissistic Asshole.. sorry, I mean...Narcissist. Masculine or Feminine? The list is long.

While I enjoy riding my unicorn, I also have a black stallion. Giddyup my friends...You have both in your stable too.

I actually get off on the duality within myself. Always curious about both dark and light. Allowing and learning. Harnessing the energy or loosening the reins. I crave knowing how another human balances it, accepts it, allows it, heals it, werrrks with it (think Pretty Woman weerrrk it, owwwn it).... just fucking owns who they are. Mixes it all up and dances in the rain and under the rainbow. Stomps in the puddles and gets muddy! How do they dry off, clean up and head back out into the world? What was learned? What was shared? What shifted? What was yummy? How did it feel?

Sometimes I'm almost saddened when I'm presumed to ONLY be one "type" of person. Just one label. Really, just one?! In fact, people have kept me out of conversations or keep parts of themselves from me because of how they've labeled me. Like, I'm too innocent or straight-laced to hear your gritty party night story.. or I'm a sweetheart and would judge or I'm a bitch so just don't talk to me...yup...label me up! (and those who know me are laughing with me here..we all have a past)

While my big heart surely exists and I now choose this side of me more than not, there's many, many layers of ME. I'm old fashioned when it comes to dating (my daddy taught me to be courted) but I love like a goddess. I'm tender hearted generally, more fierce than I let on...tamed my bite but not my lioness. I dance like a ballerina and a temptress. I can speak at a business meeting and like a sailor. I can own a room or stand in support behind you and watch you shine! I've delivered a eulogy that brought people to their feet and yielded my sharp tongue to protect my boundries. I have dark (and ugly dark) and so much light...I love and learn from it all. What's the label for that??

I am not one person. One convenient label. WE are not black or white. Unicorn or Stallion. Empath or Narcissists. Masculine or Feminine. WE are everything. You see, we don't need labels for eachother. We are eachother. We all just choose differently what we put out there. It's all IN there though.....

Drop the labels. ALL of them. Just BE. Be every beautiful color there is. Recognize when it's poo green. Own that 💩, wipe it up, learn from it and come out again Sky Blue. Own when your Periwinkle is filling with ego. Find the balance. Fully accept yourself and others as they are. PLAY! LOVE! Because WE....

WE ARE simply magic in every color. #graceFULL

Love me whole or love me not #LoveLouder #Duality #darkANDlight #Balance #Acceptance #SelfLove#SwayWithMe #WeRise #Together #Unity #look4thegood #Allow #Flow#HereAndNow #beYOUtiFULL #Magic #FukUnicorn 😉🦄

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